The story so far…

I’ve decided to put together a “Blar” minicomic for SPX. Who is Blar? If you had picked up this year’s Fluke anthology you would know. It’ll probably have the story from that anthology, plus a new one.

It’s been a frantic couple of days. Got the coupon book for this month done – it took a bit more work this time since I finally upgraded from Pagemaker to InDesign, and I’m still learning the ropes. Next month’s book should be even more fun as I try and work around SPX, which is at the end of September.

Eleanor’s been having a hard time recently – a couple of days ago, she tripped while we were out jogging, and skinned her knees up pretty good. We thought that was the extent of the damage, and even went jogging the next day – but for the past couple days her knees have gotten more and more stiff and painful. Now she can hardly bend them and can’t stand up for more than a couple minutes. I’ll be trucking her to the doctor come Monday.

I wish they would go ahead and announce the lineup for the SPX anthology already.

I may or may not see “Brothers Grimm” tomorrow.

I also may or may not do that music quiz meme that’s been floating around.