I’ve kind of diverted my efforts temporarily to doing a couple of new short stories for this little Blar mini for SPX, so I decided to post up the original Blar story I did for the Fluke anthology, a little bit at a time.

Drawing Blar is tons of fun, in a highschool-notebook-doodle-ish sort of way.

Eleanor’s knees are fine, it turned out that the “padding” behind the kneecaps was inflamed from the fall she took, and all she has to do is take anti-inflammatory drugs and stay off them for a week or two.

We’ll be heading off to northern Georgia for Dean’s wedding tomorrow, and we’ll be staying at Robert and Mary Jessica’s new house overnight, so we should have a fun weekend, even if Eleanor laments her new comic (which she’s been posting on her livejournal – the first page is here, and you should definitely start from the beginning) being done a couple of days later than scheduled.