The story so far…

Hmm… I actually plotted the complete story of “Set to Sea” out last night (it’s only been a rough idea in my head up till now,) and it’s looking pretty doubtful that I’ll actually be able to get it done by SPX, at least not without cutting a bunch of corners. It came out to more than sixty pages! I’ve been kinda digging on how it’s going, so I think I’d rather do it right than rush it. I thought briefly about splitting it up into two books, but it’s not really a two part kind of story.

I’ll try to have something new done for SPX though. Though the You Ain’t No Dancer anthology should be premiering there – I might have something in the SPX anthology, they still haven’t announced the lineup – and I almost forgot about the little minicomic that’ll be in our gumball machine. So there’s that. Maybe a poster? Or a very small mini?

Our kitten (Detroit) has been an absolute terror today. She knocked over Eleanor’s brush-water twice, and then an entire bottle of ink, which got on some library books. We also have been having to feed the two cats separately, because the this tiny little kitten will push big old Mo-Mo out of the way and steal her food, growling when Mo-Mo comes near.

Eleanor and I have been doing nothing but drawing and listening to the Harry Potter audio books, and then we go jogging every night around the park. While we jog, we talk about the subtler plot points of the books. I’m sure if anybody listened to us as we jog night after night, they’d be convinced we were obsessive Harry Potter nerds. Which may be true.

We will figure out which is the Horcrux sooner or later.