Did you know that Set to Sea was the Lynd Ward Prize honor book for 2011? It’s true. It didn’t win the big prize (that went to Duncan the Wonder Dog), but it was the only runner-up, which isn’t too shabby.  The Lynd Ward Prize, to my knowledge, is the only award the give the grand prize winner straight-up cash, which is something I would commend to all of the other comics awards out there. I don’t get the cash, but they are flying me up to Pennsylvania for some sort of ceremony – and most excitingly, I think I end up with a set of those snazzy “Library of America” Lynd Ward novels.

I’ve already sent off the first batch of kitty postcards to all the folks who submitted a photo of their cat a few months back. Don’t miss out if you did!

Here’s a sketchbook comic about a dream I had last week: