Eleanor and I attempted making some hummus from scratch yesterday. It turned out pretty well, though the texture’s a little lumpy since we don’t have a blender. We had it for dinner, with pitas and veggies. Good stuff. We’ve still got enough left over for about five more dinners, though.

Also last night, we silkscreened about 200 boxes for the boxed minicomic set Eleanor has over at littlehousecomics. Now all we have to do is cut them out, assemble them, and stick ’em all together, and they’ll be ready to go.

The kitten remains kittenish. Do YOU want her?

I finally got to finish off the Neon Genesis Evangelion dvds a few days ago, with the last disk of the regular series and the “End of Evangelion” movie. I highly recommend the series to anyone who’s not seen it yet, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Take your basic giant robot anime, add a healthy dollop of Freudian psychology, existential philosophy, and Gnostic/Apochryphal religious overtones. The series had its germination in director Hideaki Anno’s four-year nervous breakdown, and it shows. Heavy on atmosphere, light on explanations. It’ll leave you thinking.