I finished a story for the upcoming SPX anthology. It’s a seven pager that’s basically in the same vein as the untitled mini I did last year. It’s a dream comic, but hopefully it turned out more interesting than such things usually do. We’ll see if they pick it up.

Two weeks ago we went to a “going away party” of sorts for our friend Chris Wright, who’s finally cleared out of Savannah after getting his masters degree. A bunch of us drove out to the beach at Tybee Island at night, drank some beer, and kicked around in the surf. Chris is an amazing cartoonist, and a big influence on me. He’ll be sorely missed – especially when we’re down drinking at Moon River.

I wish he would finish his website, so I could link to it… eh, screw it, I’ll just link to the unfinished website.

Eleanor and I finally bought a bunch of frames at Michael’s for the original art we’ve had for a while (by Chris Wright and others,) so we’ve hung it about the house. I’ve been meaning to take a bunch of pictures and put them online – I think we’re both pretty pleased with the way the place is looking.

For the 4th of July weekend, Antar and I went to visit Rose in Orlando. Orlando is one messed-up city – the epitome of urban sprawl. Everyone’s down there “flipping condos” and building developments. Anyway, we poked around the Virgin Megastore and the rest of “Downtown Disney.” There seemed to a tour group of midgets there at the same time, which (though completely un-P.C.) was very amusing. We ended up leaving on the evening of the 4th – the entire drive up 95 was punctuated by fireworks displays in the distance – and I drank 3 Red Bulls trying to keep my eyes open on the road (I had trouble sleeping the night before, and wound up lying awake and reading Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange” instead of catching those vital Zzz’s.)

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