Last Thursday, Eleanor and I stopped by her old apartment to check her mail. And guess what we found under the front porch?

Yes, a tiny, lost kitten, ceaselessly mewing. Since there was no sign of other cats or kittens around, and the porch faces out onto a very busy street, we couldn’t just leave it there. So us and a neighbor spent a good hour trying to lure her into a cat carrier, even trying elaborate tricks involving trails of food. Eventually, the neighbor just grabbed it and popped it in.

The next morning we took her to the vet, and got rid of her fleas, earmites, and other assorted bugs. According to the vet, she’s about six weeks old, and healthy for a stray. She’s too young to be tested for feline leukemia quite yet, so we’ve been keeping her isolated from Momo, Eleanor’s cat. Later this week, she’s back to the vet for a round of shots and what-not.

We’ve tentatively given her the name of Detroit Pepperoni. Even though when we found her, she was very skittish, she got completely acclimated to people in just a day or two. She’s very playful, and loves to attack shoelaces, fingers, toes, and anything else that wiggles. Here’s a short movie I took of her with my digital camera, that should play in Quicktime if nothing else.

We’re probably not going to be able to keep her. And we’re definitely not putting her in the shelter. So does anyone want a kitten?

If we can’t find a good home for her, we might end up foisting her on my mom.