Hey! Are you psyched for FLUKE 2007! What is FLUKE, you ask? Why, it’s Athens, Georgia’s premiere minicomic and zine festival! It takes place in a bar! And it’s happening on April 7th!

Are you psyched about the FLUKE 2007 Anthology? What’s the FLUKE Anthology? It’s an annual mini-comics anthology, and the Official Publication of FLUKE! Kazimir Strzepek’s first Mourning Star comic and Johnny Ryan’s first Comic Book Holocaust strip both saw their debut in these hallowed pages – and now it’s your turn.

Okay, hyperbole over. Since a solid majority of the FLUKE Council of Elders have come down with serious cases of baby-itis, I’m stepping up to the plate and assuming responsibility for this issue! We’ve only got about two months to go till the actual festival, so I’m thinking it’s not very realistic to get the book out for the con itself. Let’s aim for mid-summer. So here it is!

FLUKE 2007 Anthology

Deadline: July 7, 2007

1-5 pages. The final book is going to be standard minicomics size: 5 1/2 inches wide, 8 1/2 inches tall – so size accordingly.

How to send the pages digitally, in order of preference:
First, make sure they’re at least 600 dpi bitmaps or 300dpi grayscales. Put the page number in the file name. Then:
1.) Upload them to your own personal webspace just like any file, and send me the link at: drew (the at symbol) drewweing (dot) com.
2.) Or… send them to the above email address via yousendit.com, rapidshare.de, megaupload.com, or one of the other file sharing services.
3.) Or… Email them as attachments to the above email address. Please make sure your attachment is 5mb or less per email.

How to send the pages in “the mail”:
1.) Make a nice crisp black & white copy or printout of each page. Be sure they’re numbered in some way. Mail them flat, with some cardboard or something to keep them from getting bent up by vengeful postal workers. Please don’t send your originals! The address:

Drew Weing
PO Box 1926
Athens, GA 30603-1926

The Rewards: You get a free copy of the book! And the undying praise of a grateful nation.