The story so far…

Oy vey, the hatching went a little wild in this one. Also, it looks pretty crappy on the screen.

You now have 144 days to finish your Fluke Anthology submission and send it to me! That deadline would be 7/7/07. The actual festival is on April 7th, so don’t forget about that either.

I got my identity thefted the other day! An overdraft notice showed up in the mail for almost $800 worth of ATM withdrawals in what looks like Italy (Colli Di Baccanello? Gaverina?) accompanied with overdraft charges and international processing fees. Luckily it was an old account I don’t use very often or keep any money in. Also lucky that the Wachovia people seem pretty ready to believe that I didn’t travel to Rome on short notice just to use the ATM.

We bottled the beer yesterday! We tried tasting some – it was flat, but unmistakably beer! Two more weeks, and we can actually drink the stuff for reals.