The story so far…

Lots of stuff happened since the last time I posted!

Our post-SCAD, newly-Seattleite friend Max Clotfelter stopped by for a day last week, and we had a pretty pleasant time showing him around our mundane little stomping grounds. His website is down right now or I’d link to it… I guess I’ll just link to this USS Catastrophe page. We missed seeing his gf Kelly though… maybe next time?

I made some beer! Or at least I’m hoping it’ll be beer. It’ll be a couple weeks before we really know. Right now it’s just a mystery liquid in a big plastic bucket. There’s a little water-filled airlock device on top of the bucket, and I had a good time watching it bubble for a couple of days. It’s very hard not to think about making up labels and packaging. This is known as “putting the cart before the horse.” Weing’s Signature, Undrinkably Foul, Bacteria-Infested, Pale Ale.

I went to a comic convention yesterday! Robert, Patrick and I all crammed into a pickup truck and tooled up to the Atlanta Comic Convention. This involves a big room full of middle-aged men and stacks of long boxes. It took me back to my youth – a callow lad with a pocket full of allowance money and a well-thumbed-through copy of Wizard, pawing thru the boxes in search of whatever book was going to be the “hot score” for that month. Bloodshot #6 with first appearance of Ninjak! Sweet! Brigade #2 with intact coupon? Lemme at it! X-O Manowar #15 with variant pink logo? This is going to be worth some real money some day! Anyway, I walked out with a little stack of graphic novels & manga from one of those “all graphic novels 50% off!” tables.

On the ride back, we talked a little bit about Fluke 2007. I’m going to be taking over the ’07 Fluke Anthology! But I’ll put that into its own post shortly.

Eleanor’s knees are killing her! We think she has “runner’s knee,” which is essentially a misalignment of the kneecap. It’s been bothering her a little bit ever since she took a bad fall while we were jogging about a year ago. But it’s been really flaring up recently, leading to a lot of her sitting around, legs propped up, ordering me to bring her drinks, pick up her dropped pencils, and fetch her knick-knacks. More than usual, I mean.