Ten 10 for November

1. Getting to visit the Center for Cartoon Studies. We yammered at the students about comics for a couple hours. We even made a powerpoint. So much thanks to James and Robyn for bringing us up.

2. Everybody up at White River Junction. They were so freaking nice. I would name names, but I’d forget somebody.

3. Autumn finally kicking in down south. I really love me some sweater weather.

4. Getting a new hoodie. Goodbye, five-year-old gray hoodie that smells like old butter (due to a bad decision at a Denny’s.) Hello new blue hoodie. Eleanor got a green one.

5. Picking at least ten pounds worth of pecans from various trees around Athens.

6. Making pecan tortellini and pecan pie from scratch for Thanksgiving. Also, making Chrismas beer (with orange, honey, ginger and cinnamon – we’ll see how that turns out!)

7. Cutting our water usage in half! Will our big bins of grey water save the south-east from a dessicated, Mad-Max style future?

8. Seeing Morrissey at the Tabernacle with Robert. I got a piece of his shirt (Morrissey’s.) Yes, it smells good.

9. New Scott Pilgrim.
10. Getting so close to being done with the final rough draft of Set to Sea finally. (See above image. I’ve got the whole thing pinned up on lines, so I can scoot around panels and add in new stuff. Then it’s only a few more months of inking the wretched thing!)