I’ve almost filled up a sketchbook! Man, I’ve been working on this one since I was in college. Did I mention I’m really bad with sketchbooks? Anyway, I’ve been doing tons of life drawing recently, so it’s been filling up quick. I feel pretty bad about not doing more fun, creative sketches like Eleanor, but I can barely bring myself to draw in sketchbooks at all for some reason. Here’s some sketches I did at an old-timey music last weekend.

• Hey high school Drew, fuck you for not listening to country music. Back in high school, I would brag about my eclecticism by saying I’d listen to any genre of music… except country, of course. To ho ho. Well, I was an idiot back then. We’ve been listening to so much country radio recently. On a related note:

• Fuck anybody who dismisses “the south” as an entire entity. Whoops, you’re a bigot!

Most terrifying Christmas song I’ve ever heard: “Ding-a-Ling, the Christmas Bell” by Lynn Anderson.
This song is supposed to be about an anthopomorphized bell that rings off-key and is mocked by all of the other bells, with requisite Rudolph-style day-saving at the end. But there’s this repeated refrain of “Ding a Ling’s” chime, and it’s in this weird minor key that sounds almost exactly like the theme from “Halloween.” I think you can listen to it here, if you’re curious.
We saw almost every single cartoonist in North Georgia at a pretty cool art show the other day. Did we bother to get off our asses and submit something to the show? No. No we did not.

Best two mincomics we’ve gotten in the mail this week: Dregs by Coleman Engle, Hey Four-Eyes #2 by Robyn Chapman et al. WOW!

Hey, does anybody who’s versed in Macs and iTunes know if it’s possible to throw a bunch of music onto a DVD and delete it off your computer, but somehow let iTunes know that the music is going to be on that DVD from now on? Quickly and easily?