Fantagraphics has a preview/preorder page up now for the Set to Sea book. This was pretty cute: They have a little video of someone getting “hands-on” with a copy, which I’ll attempt to embed below, wish me luck.

•My friend Joey’s book “Cavemen in Space” got a thoughtful review in our local weekly, the Flagpole.

•Joe Lambert had one of his exquisitely-made little sketchbooks going around at Heroes Con, with a “Celestial Bodies, Gods, Giants and Colossus” theme. A bunch of us Indie Islanders did some sketches, and they’re pretty sweet. I particularly like Patrick Dean’s and David (no, the good one) Mack’s .

•Oh yeah, I got a Twitter, if you’re into that. Apparently I wasn’t spending enough time on the internet yet.

•Happy 4th, if you’re in the States!