I missed Wednesday’s update, so I think I’ll post a 2nd panel up in a little bit.

•Unpleasant factoid about a one of comics Golden Age pioneers, via a recently rediscovered lawsuit court transcript – DC going after one of earliest Superman knockoffs, drawn by none other than a young Will Eisner. The slant being, in his later years, Eisner had presented himself as manning up during testimony and admitting that he had more or less directly copied Superman at the behest of his publisher (despite pressure and threats of career repercussions,) costing them the court case. He had even, much later, drawn a thinly-veiled autobio comic depicting the incident in that light. But in the court transcript: not exactly. I wonder if Eisner had revised his own memory and really believed in his own, more honorable, version of events? I don’t think anyone would’ve faulted a 22 year old too harshly.

•I’m excited about Kevin Huizenga’s new book.