Hey, my first graphic novel, Set to Sea, is finally back in print! The hardback’s been sold out for over a year – I’ve been having fun watching the secondhand prices rise to ridiculous levels on Amazon. But Fantagraphics has finally brought out this snazzy new paperback, and I did a brand new wraparound cover for it. It’s very blue. So, so, blue. We had to work hard to get it this blue, with weeks of color samples going back and forth – I’m sure the designers over at Fantagraphics all hate me now.



If you click on that, it’ll take you to the Fanta page for the book, with a preview and a little video and all the blurbs you can eat, like the nice review it got by NPR and New York Magazine. It’s pretty different from Margo Maloo (and not suitable for little kids), but maybe you’ll take a look?