The story so far…

Howdy! I have been mega-irresponsible with my internet stuff recently (updates, emails, etc.) Time to get with it!

Uh… Fluke happened! That was major fun. The night of Fluke we had a big “Prohibition/Roaring 20s” party that mostly consisted of drinking a lot of homebrewed beer and wearing construction paper bowties and mustaches. We had a bunch of friends come down and stay with us for Fluke and the week after. I’d write about that, but they’ve all gotten to it before me.

Though Fluke 2007 may be over and done with, the 2007 Fluke Anthology is still on the table! I’ve gotten some really superb entries in already – this is shaping up to be a really excellent book, and you should jump on while you’ve got the chance. Deadline’s July 7th (7/7/07) – plenty of time to crank out a couple of pages!