Hey! I’m not totally 100% sure that this is actually on the stands yet, but there’s a new Wulf and Merl comic in the May issue of Disney Adventures! So feel free to browse through in the grocery aisle. This one’s just a one-pager – here’s the first panel:

Remember when I mentioned the McCloud clan rolling through Athens some weeks back? Well, a Winterview has finally surfaced – you can check it out here! Sky and Winter are so unreserved and charming that Eleanor and I pretty much felt like big lumps in comparison. Anyway, you can watch the interview see how boring we are for yourself. Our cat Momo pretty much steals the show. There are some shots of some of the nice crafty stuff Eleanor’s made recently.

And one last bit of “news:” A couple of our comics (Blar, The Beast Mother, Bugbear) got reviewed in the current issue of the Comics Journal. The review was basically positive, but maybe a little condescending. Oh well!

We had a fun weekend. On Friday we caught a midnight showing of Tears of the Black Tiger at “CinĂ©,” the arthouse theater that recently opened in downtown Athens. “Tears” is a Thai movie – a sort of post-modern cowboy/romance comedy/tragedy. It has some beautiful visuals – the whole movie is filmed in classic 60s over-saturated Technicolor, with deliberate movie artifices sprinkled throughout – painted backdrops, glued-on mustaches, etc. Highly recommended! The theater was nice too, though aesthetically problematic and a bit pretentious – big turquoise velour nightclub couch-thing in the bar area, Radiohead on the speakers, so forth. I can’t really pick nits with a theater within walking distance that lets you take beer into the auditorium, though.

On Saturday we went up to Atlanta with Devlin (the Bizarro Wuxtry guy) to see The Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D, with a pre-movie Spook Show. Man, they really went all out! Big “Amazon Jungle” plywood standees, paper mache monsters, makeup, the whole nine yards. The house was completely packed and in a good mood; everyone gamely shrieking whenever the “Gill-Man” showed up onscreen.