The story so far…

Lots afoot around here in the last week or two! Eleanor and I finally had our “Christmas” on Saturday, only 11 days late! Apparently January 6th is the day children traditionally get presents in Mexico (because the Wise Men didn’t show up right on Christmas) so we’ll just pretend we were celebrating that. The presents involved lots of books, original art (procured from our friend Michele,) cheap novelty toys, and a pledge from Eleanor that she would watch a movie every week with me. Eleanor also made me an incredibly nice little doll/artwork that I’ll hopefully have pictures of soon.

On Sunday we went to our friends Mary Jessica and Robert‘s baby’s baptism. There was actually a bit where the parents had to proclaim they renounced Satan and all his works, and Robert seemed hesitant — but it all went smoothly and there was not even any crying.

One of the books Eleanor gave me for Christmas was all about fancy beers, and I got all curious about the process of making it. So now I’m thinking of trying to home-brew some beer. On the plus side, it would save us a chunk of money if we get it all figured out. On the minus side, we’ll probably just end up making a stinky mess. We’ll see how it goes.

We’re still trying to get exercise at the Y. Eleanor accidentally ended up in a “Hip Hop” dance class because of a scheduling switch. Instead of the cardio workout she expected, she ended up learning a complete dance routine for a Justin Timberlake song with a bunch of similarly nonplussed middle-aged ladies.

I made a pretty respectable pad thai the other day. Have you ever smelled Thai fish sauce? It is incredibly rank… and yet delicious.