Happy MLK day y’all.

I drew this little picture as an Xmas present for Eleanor’s folks, and at the risk of making it slightly less “special” I thought I’d throw it up online. Mostly because I don’t have a new Set to Sea panel yet!

I just finished a 2-page kid’s comic, but it’s not going to come out until April, so I’ll mention it again around then.

Eleanor and I found a UGA-related life drawing class in town for only three bucks a session, but we totally got lost trying to find the location. I almost sideswiped a car, we drove a giant loop around the campus, and went back and forth three times, before finally parking the car and trying to find it on foot. For the first time Google maps led us astray. We ended up over an hour late, and showed up luckily right as the session had a halfway break. But it still turned out pretty well – It’s been over 5 years since I graduated from SCAD but the old lifedrawing muscles limbered up pretty readily. They do lifedrawing three times a month, so we’re trying to make it a habit.

My beer-making plans continue apace. We bought a giant kettle from the Mexican grocery the other day. It’s pretty impressive. We have to empty out 50+ beer bottles next, the fun way! Maybe I have to build an immersion chiller out of copper tubing too? We’ll see!

Tonight is movie night! We’re going to watch The 400 Blows.

Happy MLK day y’all.