The story so far…

There’s more blood to come.

I met a certain baby last night. I think he was still a little cranky about the whole “being born” thing, but I’m sure he’s going to get over that soon, cause he’s got pretty awesome parents.

One thing Eleanor and I were a little sad about leaving behind all of the awesome Asian stores and restaurants when we left Savannah, but Athens almost makes up for it with its strong Mexican presence. There’s a great little market hidden away just a few blocks from our house, so we have to start figuring out how to make Mexican food. We tried making chilaquiles last night, which is basically fried up tortillas, eggs and salsa… it was pretty excellent. We had prickly pear fruit on the side. Anybody have any beginner-level type Mexican recipes that you recommend?

Oh yeah, vegetarian or seafood-based recipes would be awesome.