The story so far…

I’m going to head out of town for a few days later this week (after Valentine’s Day, of course,) but I’ll try to get at least one more panel up before I go.

Eleanor and I went to a zine “panel discussion” tonight, related to the SCAD “Record & Zine Fair” of last Saturday. It was awesome, because they had all sorts of catered food, and hardly anybody showed up. Kids ended up leaving with whole bags of unopend chips, and I ended up wrapping up about two pounds of these excellent little brownie torte things and carrying them home in my pockets. Of course, the napkins ended up hell of stuck all over the brownies, but them’s the breaks.

Oh, and the zine panel discussion was fun, too. It wasn’t really a panel discussion so much as a roundtable, since the turnout was so low… It might have devolved into just us and our friends chatting about minicomics towards the end, really. Sorry, everyone else at the panel discussion!

Eleanor and I had an excellent bean soup with biscuits for dinner afterward, and I burned the living crap out of my tongue.

One more thing – I hope nobody is offended that I leave a lot of comments on the Livejournal posts unresponded to – I appreciate every single one! I just don’t know what to type for a lot of them besides “thanks!”