Yep, I’ve got something in this month’s Nickelodeon Magazine too! I wasn’t going to post up the actual comic, but since Dave Roman already posted it up on a messageboard or two, I guess it’s cool. This month’s issue was their annual 3-D special, so you’ll need the red and blue glasses to get the full effect:

The 3-D effects were done by Ray Zone, and they look awesome, if you don’t have the glasses on you. Other featured cartoonists include Craig Thompson and Michael Kupperman, so it’s a strong issue for comics overall. I think it should be on the stands right now, so check it out! Though please don’t tear out the 3-D glasses unless you actually buy it, think of the poor kid who’ll end up with that copy.

Yesterday Eleanor and I had a table at SCAD’s annual “Record & Zine Fair”, and had a pretty good time. The turnout was never very large, but a steady trickle of people came by our table, including a couple of folks that I’d already sorta “met” via Livejournal, and a few new ones.

I meant to post something about this before it actually happened, but a short power-out at our house limited my internet availability.