The story so far…

This panel was fun to pencil, but super problematic to ink, for some reason. I’m still not sure if it’s coming together entirely. Oh well.

I forgot to mention the last time I posted – The ancient Egypt issue of Moo-Cow Fan Club Magazine I mention a month or so back (that I did all of the pharaoh pictures for) is on the stands. I saw it at our local Books-a-Million, so you might check there if you’re interested. I think Eleanor is working on a comic for an upcoming issue, too.

Eleanor and I have been listening to the audiobook of Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and we finally finished it last night. I highly recommend it, with two caveats:
1. If the idea of multitudes of footnotes, long anecdotes, “period” stylization, and very dry humor doesn’t seem like a plus to you, this may not be your kind of book.
2. The ending is not quite happy for all of the characters.

Eleanor was not so pleased with me when I made her stay up an hour past her bedtime so we could get to the ending, which made her sad anyway.