I have a tiny illustration in the most recent issue of Nickelodeon magazine (the one with the “Jimmy Neutron” cover.) It’s right in the first couple pages, the header for the Letters to the Editor column. There’s a number of other cool cartoonists in the issue, like Vera Brosgol, Greg Cook, and Todd Webb, definitely worth checking out. You can find Nick in most grocery stores, so you could read it right there, or even buy it or something.

I think everyone there will agree that Eleanor’s birthday party was awesome fun. We all chipped in and made a big jam drawing-type birthday card (with contributions from even some of our out-of-town friends, via the magic of email, scissors and glue.)

While we were at the party, our friend JP had copies on hand of the new anthology he was in, Papercutter. Besides JP’s great piece, there’s also a strong piece by Aaron Renier, which reminded me that I meant to mention this podcast a while back. It’s an interview with Renier, who has some interesting things to say about comics in general and his book, Spiral Bound (not to mention Disney’s The Gummi Bears.) But of course, the reason I mention it is because he plugs my Blar minicomic near the end.

Anyway, that’s enough of this Mutual Admiration Society for today.

p.s. to a particular couple I know – Congratulations, you dang copycats!