• Eleanor and I are moving in about a month – we decided to buy a house, for some reason! It’s a smallish place, but nice – it’s got enough space for us each to have our own studio, so that will be a change (our current setup being somewhat like a particle accelerator – us constantly bouncing into each other, with interesting results). Also, a big joined kitchen/ living room, for our bougie foodie pretensions. New York and Portland will abide; we’re officially settled in Athens for the foreseeable future! We’re going to paint it some crazy colors, it’ll be great.

• There’s nothing like moving to make you recalculate exactly how much you want to own physical things (like CDs, for instance. I can’t wait to get CDs out of my life.) I might have a “moving funds” sale for some of our extra graphic novels and assorted bric-a-brac soon.

• Penn State and the PA Center for the Book flew me up to accept the Lynd Ward Honor and give a short talk about my personal history with comics. Here’s the video, complete with closeups of embarrassing childhood rip-off superhero drawings. My part starts about 9 minutes in.

• Set to Sea will finally be back in print in late July. The long wait has been aggravating, but as has been pointed out to me, selling out is never bad. I received a copy of the 2nd printing a few days ago, and it’s quite snazzy – it has yellow endpapers, and a couple of small printing mistakes (the kind no one has noticed but me) have been fixed. Yellow endpapers!

• The Serbian edition of Set to Sea, from Komiko, is out! I just got some comp copies in the mail.

The printing is actually slightly larger than the Fantagraphics edition, thus larger than the original art, even. It still looks good, though – and care was taken with editing in new cyrillic sound effects, which pleases me.

• And I just finished hand-lettering a French edition, which will be coming out this August, from Editions çà et là. The French-speaking comics market is large and sophisticated, so I hope the book gets a good reception!