Oy, I have a tough time balancing my life. I’m been running late on this cat comic so I’ve been working on it every waking moment that I’m not at work, and haven’t managed to do anything else for weeks. I’ve got enough cats photos for that now, by the way – thanks to everyone who sent one! Here’s a snippet of pencils – no cat cameos in this, though:

Here’s a pretty fun thing: Steve Wolfhard’s Portrait-dex project – it’s cartoonists rendering themselves in Pokemon style, going through three evolutionary stages. Having had a mild affair with Pokemon back in the day (an Oddish made cameo appearances throughout my old journal comics) I thought I was fairly qualified to contribute one myself! Click on over to see the other stages:

I was interviewed about Set to Sea by Brian Heater of the Daily Crosshatch at SPX; the first part of the interview is online now. This section might be a little dry, it’s some of the technical stuff about the making of the book. I’m still getting a handle on interviewing. Should I repeat things I’ve already said in other interviews if someone asks me the same question? Should I just start throwing out inconsistent, inflammatory opinions to say something new?