If you missed it on Friday, Set to Sea is now finished! Five long years come to an end. You can read the complete story from beginning to end here, until September 10th. Please forward along to your friends, acquaintances, enemies. After Sept 10, the complete story will only be available in book form. You should buy one! You should buy two.

A couple people have asked if I’m selling the original artwork for Set to Sea. After nervous feet-shufflings, I decided that I am, starting today! So, if you’re interested, please click on over to check it out. I’m an overprotective type, and I still feel very attached to these little scraps of paper I spent so many hours on – it was hard to make the call to let it all go, so I hope it all ends up in good hands. Obviously, there’s only one of each page, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’ll be adding more of both my and Eleanor’s originals to that page in the future.

I’ll be at the upcoming Small Press Expo with copies of the Set to Sea book, all my in-print minicomics, and big portfolios of original art. I’ve never sold original art at a show before, but if you want to buy a specific piece of artwork now and pick it up in person at the festival, please drop me a line (shop (at) drewweing.com) letting me know not to mail it off to you! Unfortunately, I can’t reserve any pieces till they’ve been paid for, so if you want a specific panel, you should grab it now!