I’m honestly surprised and really pleased by how many folks have picked up a piece of Set to Sea original art! Interestingly, it’s been the more quiet, wordless panels that have been going first. By the way, if you purchase more than one piece, Paypal’s going to automatically charge you for shipping for each different panel. But I’ll refund any extra shipping charges “manually,” since I can send them in the same package.

I was interviewed by Nicola D’Agostino for an Italian comics blog. Many people don’t realize that I speak fluent Italian! This is because I don’t. Thanks to Nicola both for the interview and the translation. The English version should be online soon, I’ll link to it.

Set to Sea got its first relatively mixed review! I think Collins is off here – misreading the last third of the book as an unmitigated victory lap, especially. But the book will have to stand on its own.