Hey, here’s something ego-flattering! These guys do a weekly podcast about webcomics, and they covered Set to Sea in last week’s episode. Speaking of Set to Sea, there should be a new panel up quite soon… hopefully tomorrow. And here’s one last bit of Set to Sea junk from the pen of David Yoder. Oh, that scamp.

Something I’ve meant to link to for a while, but straight up forgotten: My friend Chris Wright finally has a website. So now you’ll be able to see for yourself who I’ve been ripping off for so long. He’s also been posting some fantastic pages on his livejournal recently, so check ’em out.

We made hummus for dinner today, which is quite easy, if you have three things:
1.- A food processor (which we didn’t, the first time we tried making hummus – it was still quite edible, but very lumpy)
2.- A store that stocks tahini (Sesame paste – we found it at the local hippy grocery store, Brighter Day)
3.- Twenty four hours notice, so you can give your chick peas a good overnight soaking.

If you can get your hands on those three things, all you need is maybe 50¢ worth of chick peas, a lemon, and a clove or two of garlic. It turned out awesomely delicious. Especially with toasted pita bread, lettuce, tomato, and olives.