Hello, happy 2006 y’all. How was your Christmas/Channukah/Holiday of your choice?

I spent mine up in Virginia with the family. We had a great time watching a bunch of Law and Order and eating Jelly Bellies from a big flavor assortment. I was the only one brave enough to try the Jalapeño, but I don’t recommend ’em. Momo and Detroit came up with me, and they had a great time running around the house and being freaked out by my Mom’s cats (Ming and Maggie.)

Of course I must mention the things I got for Christmas:
All of the Director’s Label DVDs that I didn’t own already.
Some Little Lulu books.
Singing in the Rain.
Masters of Russian Animation vol. 1.

Eleanor got a new Powerbook a few weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure I’ve used it more than her at this point – I actually ended up taking it to Virginia over Christmas, so I could work on the infernal coupon book. It’s pretty sad that this little machine that you can put on your lap is faster and more powerful than my big noisy G4 that I’ve had since ’01. Also, you can bring it into a coffeeshop, and magically be on the internet via invisible waves in the air. They’ve come up with crazy things in the last five years.

Eleanor, Antar and I haven’t actually opened our presents to each other – Eleanor is requesting a short delay while Eleanor gets over the cold she picked up in Arizona, and finishes a bit more present buying/making. So we still have our little Savannah Christmas tree up, with bunches of presents underneath. Our Christmas season is going to last a bit longer than normal, and really, what’s wrong with that?

The Media Play in our town is going out of business (I think the whole chain is,) so they’ve been having crazy sales recently, everything 40% to 60% off. I went in meaning to buy presents for other people, but somehow came out with an armload of DVDs only for myself – A couple of Studio Ghibli movies, a bunch of Ingmar Bergman, and a few other Criterion disks.

I’ll go now, because my rampant consumerism disgusts even me.