Here’s that preview of another Blar story, as promised:

This complete story is a bit longer than the last. Those two, plus another short story and a bunch of pinups will be in the Blar mini I’ll have at SPX – I’ll try and post the cover up soon. If you can’t make it to SPX, it’ll be up on the Little House Comics shop shortly after.

This SPX seems like it might be the best yet – a bunch of SCAD-grad friends of mine are coming up, as well as a bunch of people I’ve only met on the internet thus yet. Even though they didn’t use my story in the SPX anthology… I can’t complain too much…

Eleanor finished her “Beast Mother” story a few days ago, and you should totally go and check it out! It’s a bit hard to navigate through the Livejournal, so here’s all of the pages in order:


When you’re done with that, go here and tell her how awesome she is – I command it!

Speaking of Eleanor, we went to a book sale at the local library yesterday. We made sure to get there right as the sale began, since they were advertising a bunch of audio books and cds for sale. The place was packed – Eleanor actually had to leave after a few minutes and spend some quiet time in the rest of the library. Luckily enough, I’ve always had the capacity to completely immerse myself in poring through stacks of books (or comics, or records,) usually until someone physically pulls me away.

The audiobook section was mostly crap, unfortunately – they had an amazing amount of Chicken Soup for the So and So’s Soul books, and others of that ilk. The only real finds were Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady, and Susan Cooper’s Greenwitch ( I highly recommend the first few books of her Dark is Rising series – exemplary young adult fantasy novels, if you read such things.) Of paperish books, a couple of Jane Austen books, a book of Guy de Maupassant short stories, and Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point , and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Crafts (and How to Master Them) rounded out our purchases.