Hey! You should check out this month’s “Disney Adventures” magazine, cause I’ve got a new monthly comic making its debut this issue. It’s called “Wulf and Merl.” It’s a classic, fantasy-type comic about these two kids who are each the youngest in a long line of famous ancestors; Wulf from a proud family of warriors, Merl from a family of great wizards. Only, neither one of them is doing a particularly great job of living up to their famous namesakes – all of Merl’s spells keep backfiring, and Wulf’s folks think he’s so puny they won’t even let him handle a sword. So of course they each decide to set out and prove themselves, in the usual manner: Slaying fearsome damsels, rescuing beautiful dragons in distress, the works.

Anyways, it should be on the shelves at a store near you – I usually see it on the magazine racks up at the checkout stands at most grocery stores, so you could even just flip through it while you’re waiting for the cashier. Or maybe you could actually buy a copy, and give it to a kid you know. Tell them to write to Disney Adventures about how great “Wulf and Merl” is, while you’re at it. Tell them you’ll beat them up if they don’t. You totally could. You’re way bigger than them.

This month’s installment is a two-pager – here’s the first panel: