Hey all, just a short note on what’s happening: I’m up in Virginia at my mom’s house. She’s in the hospital, recovering from a serious case of pneumonia. She was the sickest I’ve ever seen – unable to sit up in bed, and at times unaware of where she was. She’s recovered a lot since then, but still there’s a long path to go to get her back on her feet. She was also seen by a neurologist, who thinks some of her physical responses she’s showing suggest Parkinson’s symptoms. It’s a little atypical, since she’s never had any type of tremor, but we’ve noticed she’s been physically slowing down for a while, but haven’t had any kind of diagnosis to pin down. Getting a diagnosis is good, since we can start meds that could possibly improve things for her.

It’s been a rough week of hour-long drives to and from the hospital, but the worst is past. The next couple months might be a little complicated, as we try to figure out care plans for her, short-term and long-term, while the Margo book launch and book tour stuff that is happening concurrently. It’s going to affect how many pages I can get done, no way around it. I’ll try to keep everyone updated! And in the meantime, get your elderly loved ones checked out if they have a “cold” or “flu” that lasts a little too long.