Remember a couple posts ago, when I mentioned being nominated for a Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award? I’ve been nominated a couple of times before, and always lost. But this time, “Pup” won the Infinite Canvas Award, for whatever that’s worth.

Huh. Put a comic on the back burner for a while, and then it gets the attention. I finally managed to get “Pup” back online at Serializer the other day. So if you’re a current subscriber, you should have full access to the comics. I really plan on doing some ambitious new “Pup” material in the not-too-far future.

Now as promised, You Ain’t No Dancer. – a new anthology series from New Reliable Press. I did a six page story for the first issue. The issue also features about a metric ton of other awesome cartoonists – I can’t even begin to list just the cartoonists I like, so click here for the lineup. If you’re curious about the contents, click here for a generous preview of quite a few of the stories, including mine.

You Ain’t No Dancer doesn’t hit stores until September, but now is the time comic shops have to order. So if there’s a local comic shop you frequent, consider asking them to order a few issues. If not, the book should be premiering at SPX, and should be available from the website shortly after that.