I wish I could have gotten this up earlier, but I’m still on the road, and writing to you from Our Nation’s Capital. So, you might have heard: First Second Books has picked up Margo for publication! The official announcement was here, with a little interview and everything!

I was always hoping to see Margo as a book eventually, and I really couldn’t think of a better fit for a publisher. First Second makes really beautiful books, and does an awesome job of not only getting them into the hands of comics fans, but into bookstores, schools, and libraries. I’ve been a fan of them since they brought all those beautiful European comics in America when they first launched.

Alright, you got questions, I got answers:

When’s it coming out?
Book 1 will be hitting shelves in September, 2016. It takes a while to get these things together when you’re dealing with the book trade!

What’ll the book be like?
Book 1 will cover chapters 1-3, and it’ll be full-color. It’ll be formatted in a horizontal way, wider than normal graphic novel size.

What about the webcomic?
Don’t worry, the webcomic will continue to update. This is kinda new and unprecedented (everything is in publishing these days), but both First Second and I are betting that more of Margo’s online readers will want to support the book, than feel like they’ve already got what they wanted for free. I will eventually be taking down some of the already-posted pages, when the book they appear in hits the shelves, though. That seemed like a good compromise. And the Patreon deal will continue as always – early updates, and bonus content (much of which will not appear in the book).