Thanks to all of the folks who wrote me concerning my sudden joblessness! I’m actually kind of glad about the whole thing, though. I knew I couldn’t work on the coupon book forever, and there have been a lot worse times for me to lose a job than right now.

I’m working on a new “Set to Sea” panel but it won’t be up till at least tomorrow. I’ve also been putting together a pitch (by invitation) for a certain kid’s magazine – we’ll see how that turns out. Maybe I’ll put up some sketches soon.

I’ve spent the last couple days doing a bit of transitional coupon work before the new guys take over it (irksome to be sure, but it is a bit of money.) We also had a good time hanging out with Kyle and the rest of our friends, drinking beers and such.

Yesterday Eleanor and I got around to watching Truffaut’s “Shoot the Piano Player,” which was very good, but a lot sadder than expected. I guess it’s famous for being both a comedy and a tragedy. Eleanor got her cry on, and we had to chase it with a couple episodes of the Simpsons.

Today we watched “The Aristocrats” with Joey, Michelle, and David Yoder. It totally destroyed David’s mind. Now I’m kind of curious about Sarah Silverman’s recent movie.