Eleanor’s drawing lots of tiny pictures on post-its for the post-it show Giant Robot does every year, now there are abandoned, half-finished post-its stuck all over the house.

I’m busy fleshing out and finalizing my lesson plans for the week-long comic book class I’ll be teaching next week. Last year taught me how thoroughly you have to explain all of the taken-for-granted steps of making comics. For instance, you can tell kids that if they make a mistake, just fix it with some white out! But if you don’t tell kids to wait until the very end of doing the inking, and to erase all of their pencils first, you’re going to end up with some messes. Or to not draw to the very edge of the paper.

If you’re going to be at Heroes Con, I’ll be bloviating about comics “craft” and “process” on a panel with Roger Langridge, and Jim Rugg, Friday at 4:30. And I will have a preview copy of Set to Sea on hand, though it doesn’t go on sale till next month.