(The Set to Sea book is out now!)

• NPR’s pop culture blog had a very nice review of Set to Sea! NPR! The very same NPR that I listen to every day! Maybe I’m one step closer to my dream of “doing the numbers” with Marketplace host, Kai Ryssdal.
• Another positive review from UK comics blog, Now Read This!
• The amazingly talented Aaron Renier has a nautical graphic novel of his own coming out today, The Unsinkable Walker Bean. I think he’s been working on it almost as long as I worked on mine. I saw some pages from it a few years back, it looked crazy great. And I do mean crazy – the sea witches, for instance? You’ll see.

• Of course, this means our nautical novels are hitting stores more or less simultaneously. You know what that means… flintlocks at ten paces, Renier?