I’ve been neglectful in my posting! I was busy putting together a costume so I could participate in a Halloween parade with my friends in the Creaky Theatre puppetry troupe! Here’s Elo (skeletal bird-thing) and me (horned tiger-looking thing)
and here we all are:

 It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but Elo and I had giant bamboo frameworks under those costumes, making us two or three times life sized. David Mack (in the center) built his around a twenty-foot-long pole. Jason Matherly (on the left) has a small phantom on a stick (and a mouse costume, and Michele Chidester (on the right) has 6-foot-long arms and some amazing horns. We invited a bunch of folks to march all around downtown Athens making noise, and had a good crew of people in some awesome costumes.

I was a little cavalier about the eyeholes in my “mask”; as a result I ended up maneuvering this giant thing through crowded, wet streets with about the same range of vision that you might get through cardboard-tube binoculars. I was tooting on a trumpet pretty raggedly, and some guys starting hassling me and wanting to play my trumpet. I haven’t played since middle school! Anyway, all very exhausting but hopefully worth it.

Here are some more photos and videos, please look at them and say that all the costume-construction time was well-spent:
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