I’ll be posting these Mondays and Fridays from hereon, but I’m heading off to Heroes Con later today, so here you go.

I got some links from the Comics Reporter and The Beat yesterday, that was nice. If you’re wondering what the scheme is here, Set to Sea is a “one panel at a time” comic I started running back in, like, 2006? 2005? I got about halfway through, and then I petered out on posting it for many moons. But while I wasn’t posting, I kept it on the backburner and thrashed it out into a complete story, thumbnailed it, and realized I wanted to change some things about the beginning. Nothing too major, mostly dialogue, adding a couple extra panels, some minor edits. I’m in the middle of inking the last 1/3rd of the story or thereabouts, and I thought it would be slightly better to reset back to the beginning rather than try and shuffle the changes in retroactively. I’m going to run it now on a biweekly schedule until it’s done – panel 134. If you started reading it back in the day, sorry about the reruns (and the George Lucas-style retconning), but stick around for the new stuff!

If you read all that, help yourself to a cookie.

So yeah, Heroes Con! I’ll be at table 537 in the Indie Island, nearby my pals Joey Weiser and Stephen Floyd. I’ll have 33 Beasties and some other minis, stop on by.