I finally got the Little House Comics shop back online, only a year (and a month… and a couple weeks) late. I completely redesigned it, to try and make it a lot simpler and easier to maintain. But even the simplest website design takes three times longer to do than you think it will, especially when you’re such an html dilettante as I am. Anyway, if your life has been bereft of opportunities to spend your money, go and check it out. Remember the 33 Beasties minicomic that I had for this year’s HeroesCon?

 Yeah, that’s up, and a couple of beautiful new silkscreen prints by Eleanor, and tons of original art. We’ve also got a news page where I’ll be posting updates about our projects, new books, conventions, all that stuff. I set up Livejournal, Facebook, and RSS feeds for Little House as well, if you don’t want to check back every couple days.