All channels clear, Set to Sea has officially launched! A small but lavish 144-page hardback graphic novel containing the complete story, Set to Sea is the story of a big lug of an aspiring poet, who runs up tabs at the local bars by day and haunts the docks by night, writing paeans to the seafaring life. When he gets shanghaied aboard a clipper bound for Hong Kong, he finds the sailor’s life a bit rougher than his romantic nautical fantasies.
Set to Sea booksPublisher’s Weekly says: “Presented almost like a Big Little Book for grownups, with one lovely panel per page in a small volume, the hero’s journey in this tale isn’t particularly unpredictable, but Weing’s mastery of both small details (the hero’s waxing and waning love affair with language) and sweeping vistas (from the glaciers to a steaming port city) gives it richness and emotion.”

How to get your very own copy? Three ways:
• Set to Sea should be arriving in finer comic books stores across the nation, today! Please ask your friendly neighborhood comics retailer to order a few copies through Diamond Distributors, if they haven’t already!
• Order Set to Sea from the publisher, Fantagraphics, directly, and peruse their vast catalog of quality graphic novels and comics!
• Set to Sea is also available from Amazon, and other online retailers!