The story so far…

We’ve had some exciting adventures the last couple days. Yesterday we ventured down a ravine on the north side of town, finding all sorts of lovely glades and nooks. All sorts of debris had washed down along the sides of the little creek – plenty of bricks, pipes, and bits of old buildings. We even found a muddy backpack, with somebody’s pulped-up books and personal knick-knacks. At one point, there was a very short drain tunnel big enough to fit us, so we crawled through and popped up in the middle of a field behind a school. At the end of the ravine there were a couple of railroad bridges, with some pretty excellent graffiti underneath. Some artiste-type had even executed a mosaic out of bits of broken mirror and spraypainted plywood. For dinner that night I made a sort of black bean stew, cornbread, and we tried frying up some plantain slices.

Today we took a long walk and enjoyed the hell out of some spring flowers and ended up at a Mexican restaurant called “La Estrella,” where we had a pretty excellent “7 Mares” soup and a whole grilled fish.

Tomorrow’s bottling day for the porter! Did I say the Kolsch came out excellent? Cause it did. I don’t know how “authentic” these beers are turning out, but they are very tasty to drink.