The story so far…

I think this panel lost a little in the scanning process… oh well.

We’re doing okay. We went over to Devlin n’ Mandy’s today to hang out and watch the Simpsons. Wow, it feels like maybe they’re trying again with that show. Cause when I last seriously watched the Simpsons (about three years ago) they sure weren’t.

Eleanor and I joined the Athens Y – they’re doing a special where they knock off the building fee if you sign up in December, and the nice lady there even gave us the family price. Eleanor wants me to take Tae Kwan Do. Either way, getting some damn exercise can’t be bad. Even though we’re trying to walk and bike as much as we can, we’ve still got a pretty sedentary life. We’re trying to get some balance around here. Eleanor’s been looking in the paper for stuff to do around town. Being proactive! Getting involved! Who’d of thought?

Perhaps we’re going to try and have friends over to our house next week for a crafty/making Xmas presents sort of thing? We’ll see!

EDIT: Harvey (our kitten) is intently smelling my eyes and then making the “stink face,” (i.e. that little open-mouthed face cats make sometimes after smelling something stinky.) Maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Maybe I have eye cancer.