The story so far…

Our Halloween:

  • Candy: About 5 pounds of Pixie Sticks, Butterfingers, Nerds, Baby Ruths, and Reese’s cups.
  • Decorations: Shiny purple bat garland and a green ghost on the front door.
  • Music: A medley of Halloween favorites (yes, The Monster Mash got played at least half a dozen times)
  • Pumpkins: 2 – one by the sidewalk with a scared expression being lassoed, and another by the door looking evil and holding the other end of the lasso.
  • Trick-or-Treaters: 5 very tiny kids – probably first-timers. They were so shy they would only take one piece of candy, so we had to urge them to take more.

A little later in the evening we went out with our friends Erin and Patrick to goggle at the costumes. Erin was a cheerleader witch, Patrick was a surprisingly terrifying Wolfman Jimmy Olsen. I threw on an old black robe and red-lined cape I had lying around from Halloweens Past, and only later realized i was dressed almost exactly like the vampire flip-doll Eleanor made me for my birthday.

We’re definitely going to have to try harder on our costumes next year – there were some good ones out there. Once we saw two different sets of Mario and Luigis, one a pair of boys, the other a pair of girls – run into each other on the street. Surprisingly, there was no antimatter-type explosion.