The story so far…

So, somebody or the other won some sort of football game. We have more important things to talk about!

For instance, yesterday, Eleanor and I got Chinese food from the Peking House on Abercorn, and Eleanor found this in her fortune cookie:

That is the actual fortune, scanned in and unmanipulated. I don’t know what the fates are trying to tell us, but I’m more than a little creeped out.

We went out bowling yesterday, as a joint David Yoder/JP Coovert birthday celebration thing. The first game I actually bowled over 140, which is, as far as I can recall, the highest I’ve ever gotten. But I still didn’t win.

Here are two things Eleanor and I got in the mail in the last week or two:

I forget whether it was an official “Pirates of the Caribbean” tie-in product, or just a generic “jump on the pirate bandwagon” sort of thing, but I had to eat two huge boxes of Apple Jacks to get this here Skull Mouse. I was thoroughly sick of Apple Jacks by the end. But it was worth it. By the way, has anyone noticed those ads Apple Jacks have been running, where they insist that Apple Jacks don’t taste like apples? What’s the point of those? Do kids really hate fruit that much these days?

Eleanor got this pretty awesome T-Shirt from the folks who do the True Porn comics anthology. The picture is by Rich Tommaso, I think. I have no idea why they sent it to her. She certainly did not contribute anything to their most recent volume. Er… move along, please.