The story so far…

Another Set to Sea panel. I was getting a little irked with how muddy the crosshatching was looking when I reduced the panels to web resolution, so I’ve decided to start making them a little bigger. I’ll probably go back and enlarge the previous panels in a bit.

I found out (via Comics Reporter) that today was the 38th birthday of both Rob Liefeld and Ivan Brunetti. The sad part of this is that Liefeld has done at least (at least) 20 times the amount of comics that Brunetti has in the same amount of time on this planet.

Have you seen the new “Krazy Kat” book? It’s pretty gorgeous, even though Herriman apparently didn’t have any say in the coloring (and for some reason Ignatz shows up as dark green in one strip.)

And don’t forget that Blar is in the Little House shop now (if you didn’t grab it at SPX.)