I’ve gotten behind on posting up Set to Sea, but I have a good excuse:

Yep, the book that we spent the good part of the last couple years working on, is finally hitting store shelves! I got to watch from its earliest versions as Eleanor refined it from a fun, but straightforward, YA mystery/adventure book, to a tour de force of comics storytelling techniques. And then I got to ink it! If you like:

a.) Kids DIYing it without proper parental supervision
b.) Secret underground hideouts crammed with mysterious equipment
c.) Elaborately thought-out practical jokes
d.) Turn-of-the-century inventors (Edison, Tesla, Marconi)

then you will like this book. It’s really something special. Anyway, check out the website at www.secretsciencealliance.com. There are lots of preview pages, so you can see exactly why it took so long to finish.

(p.s. I’m going to cross-post this to the Little House Comics news, so apologies if you get it twice – it should be the only time. If you’re interested in SSA updates, reviews and interviews, Little House will be the the place to go (it’s Eleanor’s and my joint site, and you can even add us on Facebook, Livejournal, or RSS.)