I’ve still got that promised wallpaper coming for Patreon subscribers! It’s big and complicated, gives you a peek at the next chapter and expands a little on the Margo-verse, so it’s taking a minute! There’ll be desktop and smartphone versions, and however else you guys want it delivered (smartwatch? Mayyybe not). It should be dropping in a week or two – shortly after the chapter ends and I get a moment to catch my breath.

When I was looking back over the story so far, I realized I didn’t do a chapter illustration (like these) for the very first chapter, so I’m going to add that as the next big goal for the campaign! Help me hit $300 and give me a reason to go back and make a nice Chapter 1 titlecard (featuring Marcus the troll, of course.) So, if you needed any reason to spread the word about Margo, here’s your excuse!

And I’m adding a new perk for $5+ subscribers! Back in the early 2000s, I did a journal comic for the better part of a year, which I then collected into a long-out-of-print book. I’ve had some queries about it recently, so I thought I’d make it available as an e-book! I’ll be trying to find other little perks like this to add, because I feel really indebted to all of you guys for supporting this comic.