I’ve been working on that Blar mini almost exclusively for the last week. I spent all day scanning and assembling it. Here’s a mock-up of how the front cover should look. Pinups, title pages, endpapers, and more… this’ll be a Dee-luxe package. Tomorrow I head to the Mac Paper and Kinkos, so 90% of the book should be assembled by tomorrow night. Eleanor’s busy building little wooden bookstands, and still has a lot to go – but the worst should hopefully be over by tomorrow. Maybe we’ll even get a night’s sleep before we have to drive up to SPX!

Last week I had one of those occasions that typically involve cake and presents, despite my attempts to keep it secret. We went down to Moon River and had an awesome time. As of that date, I am in possession of one of those oft-touted “graphics tablets.” I plan on throwing out all of my ink, pens, and brushes and drawing all of my comics exclusively on the computer now, as always maintained I did anyway. Other recently acquired possessions: One (1) Spirited Away picture book; One (1) Fanny & Alexander DVD box set; One (1) Muppet Show Season One DVD box set; One (1) set of wax lips; Fifty two (52) blank playing cards to draw faces on.

Yesterday was Antar’s last day of working at the ice cream shop he’s worked at for five years – he starts a new, non-service-industry job today. But David Yoder’s working there now, so we still have the hookup.

This website has a bunch of absolutely incredible clips from old European and Japanese stop-motion animation movies. I might have a new obsession.